Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well team, grab your book lights: it is Club time.  Desperately-seeking-intellectual-stimulation club; let's-not-talk-work/kids club; what-I-miss-about-college club ... Book Club.  And listen, I understand: there is not enough time.  There is not enough time to mop your floor, much less indulge in a work of fiction.  The phrase "in my free time" is only delivered as a punch line.  Your daily reading choice comes down to literature or sleep.  And yet ...  you are reading, or you want to.  And, darn it, you have insights, or used to.  Well, this is the club for all of you.    

I hope this blog can provide a virtual meeting place for discussion and commentary on books we decide to read simply because we think we will like them.  Follow us on Twitter @LoLbookclub, and use the hash tag #lolreads to tweet your 140-character book-clubby thoughts.  And one evening a month, for those who are interested and able, we will meet so that our "hahaha"s and "lol"s can be lived as actual guffaws. 

Who's in?  Shall we read together for the joy of it?  Let's discuss the heck out of a novel or two in our complete lack of leisure.    

by K.A. Lewis

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  1. I'm scared. I don't want to be the dummy in this club. What if I'm the one who doesn't read the books in time...Yikes! But yes, I'm in. Yikes!