Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Choose Your Team

by K.A. Lewis

Mockingjay, the third and final book in the addicting Hunger Games series, is currently in my possession. I haven't started reading it yet, I'm just savoring the hope and possibilities contained in these last 390 pages.  If you are finishing or maybe waiting to begin Catching Fire save this post for another day.  For others, in this delectable period of anticipation, there is an important question that simply must be asked:  Are you gonna be all like, "Pick Peeta!" or are do you consider yourself more of a "Go Gale!" kinda gal?  (I apologize, imaginary male reader.  If someday you become real I'll attempt to be more inclusive in my wording.)

The relationship dynamics between Katniss and her revolutionary partners/loving admirers inform the characters in appealing and telling ways.  Gale is at a serious disadvantage, as he has so much less page time than Peeta.  Yet we know that he is loyal and brave ... oh, and very, very handsome.  Peeta, the artist who cannot walk quietly through the woods, has a less obvious sort of strength.  He is engaging and clever, and also vulnerable in his less-practical skill set and undying devotion.  I enjoyed the subtle role reversal that makes Peeta the emotional hero of the narrative, while Katniss is the physical and intellectual one.

Nothing like a little love triangle to inspire division.  Who's your man?

Drawing by Burdge_Bug and colored by Audreleigh


  1. Peeta is definitely my man. His devotion to Katniss is unshakable and yet self deprecating in the same breath. Think about his token into the arena-a mockingjay locket with a picture of Kat's mom and sister opposite a picture of Gale. He knows she doesn't love him, and as much as it breaks his heart, her happiness is all that matters. Isn't he really Prince Charming? Blond, broad, articulate and from the right side of the tracks as the baker's son? But Katniss has to find her own self worth before she can believe any one could actually love her in that way.

    Going back to your point about sex and YA lit, I think what is so appealing about the way relationship are handled has to do with that spark. Teenage love brings you back to a place where just kisses are enough to fill your belly with butterflies and everything is shiny and new. You don't need the full on sex scene because just the idea of new intimacy is tantalizing enough. There is room for the reader to provide their own feelings and memories (as an adult reader) without having them spelled out for you. There really is something to leaving a bit to the imagination.

    I hope my man pulls through. Better go read some more Mockingjay and find out!

  2. I am so fascinated to see who they cast in the movie.... :) And I finished Mockinjay TWO HOURS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!! Savor it people, it's over too fast.

  3. I am hopeful that something could develop between Gale and Katniss, as much as I admire Peeta's character. I agree with Brittany's point that Katniss has to not only find her self worth, but also overcome the most basic challenges of existence (ie, starvation, threat of death, protecting her family), before she can allow herself the luxury of romantic love. In a sense, the same could be said for Gale, though his feelings for Katniss seem to be more developed. That being said, I would be delighted to see love come to fruition between Katniss and either of those fine fellas in a nice tidy ending with no broken hearts (a la Twilight Saga). Am I asking too much?