Saturday, August 7, 2010

1st Read: Hunger Games Trilogy

In the interest of beginning with spirit and relevance the book club will kick off with not one, but three books, the third and final installment of which is not quite published.  Written by Suzanne Collins, the trilogy begins with The Hunger Games, followed by Catching Fire, and will conclude with Mockingjay, to be released August 24.  In truth, this is not actually a particularly ambitious undertaking.  An absorbed little reader could likely plow through the first two books in the series in under four days, and as of this minute there are 17 before Mockingjay arrives.  Hopefully this leaves plenty of time to both locate and anticipate.  The real trick will be getting a hold of three separate volumes, one of which the kids are  anticipating highly.  The local library should have plenty of copies (don't forget audio!) and if you are building your own collection this series is likely popular enough to be acquired on the cheap.

A post focusing on The Hunger Games will appear here on (or around) the 17th, to be followed a week later by one on Catching Fire.  We'll go from there regarding Mockingjay, assuming we still have eager readers on board.  I think we will; it should be a satisfying end-of-summer read!          

by K.A. Lewis


  1. Great idea! Hopefully we can get a hold of the books in a timely fashion! Maybe I'll have to break down and buy them!

  2. I'm very excited by this idea, Kristin. I've even added your blog on my Bookmark Menu at the top of my browser, which is HUGE, let me tell you. Can't wait. I'll do my best to keep up. I see you chose sci-fi for the first pick. Very nice. xoxo, shan

  3. And I'm done with Hunger Games....that was fast! Oh and Shannon you could use a Reader (like Google Reader, instead so that you don't have to check your bookmarks and instead when people post new things you will just get updates :)

  4. Wowza Y, That was fast! If you decide to listen to Catching Fire it will slow you down a smidge, as you'll have to go at the narrator's pace. I thought she (narrator) was excellent, however, and found I was more likely to hear every word when forced into her speed. Otherwise I tend to skim.

    I promised a Hunger Games update to be posted yesterday, but somehow it seems a little hasty now. I don't want it to be a spoiler. I might give it a few more days ... to a week.

  5. I finished both. They were like crack. I'm totally addicted and jonsing for Mockingjay to come out tomorrow. I think I'll go camp out at Barnes and Noble now. . .