Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year; New Book Club Plan

by K.A. Lewis

After a very slow fall (the season, I mean, and only a small bit of actual descent) I, for one, am ready to get back on the online book club wagon.  And there is a plan.  The big question: how to choose books?  A: I'm gonna let you do it.  I spoke to a number of people in other successful clubs, and my favorite solution to the "which book now?" issue was to have each member take turns selecting a title.  A scattering of choices based on individual interests should inherently introduce variety, and hopefully lead to a not unwelcome sense of investment in the club.  Right?  What do you think?  Seriously, I'm too indecisive for this job, but as I'm who you're stuck with you are just going to have to Sign Up and Send Feedback.  To begin I'll compile a list of book-pickers, which will then have to be arranged.  Possibly I'll use the order names are volunteered or maybe a more scientific system is called for: Level-of-Awesomeness or simply Birth Date (either way I think we can make a strong case that Emily K, born January 9, should be first *wink*).  Once said list is in place and the dear reader at the top (ahem, Emily) has made his/her choice I'll post again with our next book.

Please (pretty, pretty please...) post your name and date of birth in the comments.  For kicks and so that we can get to know each other a bit better you can include a few of your likes and dislikes, Amélie style (idea credit: Shannon O).  My Entry: "Kristin; June 14; I enjoy riding in cars alongside moving trains and paying with exact change.  I dislike the smell that tomato vines leave on my skin, when bands that repeat their own name in every song, and the term "lover"."  I sincerely hope that this list will morph with time, you can always pass or trade when your turn comes up, and really no pressure.  Just let us know you are here.  And that you are awesome.


  1. Amy; December 14; I like strong coffee, unwaxed dental floss, and find it fulfilling to have clean nasal passages. I dislike cigarette smoke and getting children ready for school in the morning.

  2. "Leigh; March 7th; I enjoy drawing giraffes, zebras, and unicorns (anything with hoofs really) and I'm pretty good at foursquare. I dislike chipped nail polish, and I really hate that Usher song that goes "Oh oh ohoh ohoh Oh my gosh."

  3. Heather; December 27; I like the feeling right before you sneeze, the way the sun looks behind clouds and buying really good expensive yarn. I dislike water chestnuts, bumper stickers, and pretty much all types of birds.

  4. Lisa; January 4; I like talking/chatting/Skyping/texting with my children, baby smiles, dark chocolate, and daisies. I dislike Ontario drivers, ugly clothes, and slimy bathrooms.

  5. Emily; January 9; I enjoy the feeling of fresh out-of-the dryer clothes and riding downhill on my bike. I really dislike caterpillars, mostly due to their potential squishiness.

    Kristin- do you dislike the smell of tomato vines altogether or just on your own skin? I know of someone who wears tomato leaf perfume.

    Happy recent birthday Lisa and welcome to the book club!

  6. Shannon; Aug 12; I enjoy reading vegan blogs even though I am not vegan, and I find satisfaction in making lists--but even more so in crossing things off lists. I find it completely unsettling when my husband attempts to beatbox in the manner of The Fat Boys and can't stand seeing typos in printed material (especially the use of an apostrophe in the word "it's" when meant as the possessive form and not a contraction!)