Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Update: The Awakening

by K.A. Lewis

After a two week wait on the library, serious mp3 player angst followed by miraculous mp3 player redemption, "The Awakening" is in my possession and fit to be read (or read to me, as the case may be).  How is everyone (anyone?) else doing on this title?  If you had any doubts before I am here to assure you: you are not behind in this here club. 

There has been a request for a book discussion by live chat to compliment our face-to-face meeting, which sounds swell, I think.  With that in mind, please consider and possibly post restrictions or suggestions you may have regarding your availability to cozy up in an online chatroom for one of our upcoming club meetings.  I am very excited about extending the reach of our real-time discussions with the oft-overlooked non-Nevadan point of view.   

1 comment:

  1. Adam and I have The Awakening from the local library. When he is done (which he promises will be soon!), then I will have at it.

    Excited about the live chat! Could be free most evenings.